Joe Rogan Just Made A HUGE Oopsie! Spotify Under Major Pressure Over New Clip

I don't follow Joe Rogan much anymore now that he's off youtube but he's still a giant platform that believes in discourse so I must defend.
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  • Dear Susan I am Only Reporting Someone Else's Opinion. Please Don't Delete My Channel

    TheQuarteringTheQuartering18 päivää sitten
    • Go woke, get POKED!

      okanarbikokanarbik14 päivää sitten
    • @Michael Campbell ya he seems to be one of them people that gives all his money to philanthropy but quadruples net worth🤣 go back to bed and dream of $ucking your god off

      Terry SadlierTerry Sadlier15 päivää sitten
    • @Stoned Taka 🤣 the oxymoron award

      Terry SadlierTerry Sadlier15 päivää sitten
    • @A L She's already the big bad villain. What you said was made possible thanks to our work in the optics war. I was half-joking earlier (kind of), but if he had also made an appeal to the AI gods in the video it might get the developers to fix the problem. If they don't do it, it's still her fault. :-D

      Hudson Jackson IIHudson Jackson II17 päivää sitten
    • @Hudson Jackson II true dat. But by saying Susan it creates this big bad villain they can direct all there blame and anger towards because thinking about the realities of a multi billion dollar company that is a part of a even bigger multi billion dollar company is very hard.

      A LA L17 päivää sitten
  • Im from the governant and Im here to help trust Us.. Is not that we have a choice anymore

    zane 2707zane 2707Päivä sitten
  • it's all dumb...gotta wear a mask even when vaccinated? why should i get vaccinated if nothing really changes

    Poppa JoDicePoppa JoDice2 päivää sitten
  • I'm not a high risk person so I'm more than happy to wait and see what happens to the first people to get the untrialed vaccine. Once basically everyone that really needs the vaccine has gotten it and it's not turning people into retards, then I'll go in.

    Youtube VancedYoutube Vanced3 päivää sitten
  • I'm in my early 40's and when I got the coof it was slightly worse then a cold and not even close to the flu

    thegreendank1thegreendank15 päivää sitten
  • He is right. Old(er) and obese people are at a high(er) risk to die/have severe after-effects. Having said that, of course, that does not mean young people are safe. I know of a few cases here, locally, where young people suffer from "residual/after" effects/problems, that just won't go away (labored breathing, loss of taste...) and it has been 6 months to a year after they had `rona.

    BuBBle.DBuBBle.D5 päivää sitten
  • He might be using "actual data" but it doesn't mean he can interpret it correctly though.... the amount of times he fumbles around with 1/2 truths is eye roll inducing.

    1 21 26 päivää sitten
  • The very fact that this is a thing and you have to give a disclaimer proves that this is all about politics.

    Joey MormannJoey Mormann10 päivää sitten
  • “ don’t listen to joe Rogan he’s not a doctor” but when bill gates says something nobody says anything about that 😂☠️ fucking joke

    Mason MendelsonMason Mendelson10 päivää sitten
  • Stop begging for subs and stop grovelling to youtube, you seem terrified at thought of being a man and getting a real job....

    VAN DAMAGE TVVAN DAMAGE TV11 päivää sitten
  • Just an FYI Brooklyn Dad Defiant is a paid shill for the democratic party. Literally gets paid by DNC affiliates.

    Kyle HavelkaKyle Havelka11 päivää sitten
  • Joe made a mistake he said something offensive about the vaccine and is convincing people to not take it and I'm not sjw im a male

    catholic hotline mancatholic hotline man12 päivää sitten
  • This pattern of misrepresenting, misconstruing & at times outright lying by the MSM(& now trickling down to other, random media outlets) has just become normalized. What would’ve caused much greater outrage & been viewed as ‘tabloidesqe’ journalism, is now just taken as a given. It’s so crazy & like other groups (political, financial), the media is essentially just laughing in our face. The curtains been pulled back on so many things & their reaction has been a smile, a middle finger and “what are ya gonna do about it?”. Pure, unadulterated pandemonium.

    bul166bul16612 päivää sitten
  • Ridiculous

    Jay DubJay Dub12 päivää sitten
  • Haven't watched the channel in a couple weeks and this is the first video I see. Lol. I just love how it's totally acceptable in news/media to selectively take parts or more frequently just single words someone said, and put it in quotations to present it in a certain way. Like 3 posts all put "healthy" in quotes as if people have no odea what he actually means. But people are fools and eat that shit up and will never know what he actually said.

    Cody HallnanCody Hallnan12 päivää sitten
  • I see people riding bikes and jogging with masks on... these are very stupid people.

    Magick MetaphysicsMagick Metaphysics12 päivää sitten
  • Dear Authoritarians: SUKMAHDIK.

    LucVNOLucVNO12 päivää sitten
  • This whole COVID thing is really weird. It’s totally insane that everyone is just doing whatever they are being told to do without questioning it.

    Warren DredgeWarren Dredge12 päivää sitten
  • I'm not in peak condition but I've had the couf. I've had hangovers that were worse.

    Michael DrydenMichael Dryden12 päivää sitten
  • The same people that says "Pre Choice" is the same people saying you have to take the vaccine or else 😑

    kpop Stan??kpop Stan??12 päivää sitten
  • Lol the "news" just now knowing about this? Joe has had this opinion for months now. What's wrong with opinion? Nothing.

    James BartlettJames Bartlett13 päivää sitten
  • An opinion!!! GASP!!!!!! society has devolved.

    TGundamSamuraiTGundamSamurai13 päivää sitten
  • they are banning Dr's for saying same thing.

    BrianBrian13 päivää sitten
  • The Quartering, where’s your spine?

    Nicholas BullockNicholas Bullock13 päivää sitten
  • Just a desperate intent to win his fans back and to try to fix the now established perception that he's is a Shill

    Marcos PanarioMarcos Panario13 päivää sitten
  • Well, Joe's wrong on this one (plenty of young healthy people who do sports have gotten the coughs and got seriously messed up), but I still don't think he should be silenced.

    MoreIce StreamingMoreIce Streaming13 päivää sitten
  • History about this time will be written, we all know what happened question is how much do we allow

    CHAMPDOGZCHAMPDOGZ13 päivää sitten
  • No one should be getting a vaccine for something that less then 0.5% chance of killing you

    Justin ThomisonJustin Thomison13 päivää sitten
  • “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victim may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated, but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” ~ C. S. Lewis

    StoneDogStoneDog13 päivää sitten
  • I'm 34 nearly 35, but I live with two diabetics one who's obese and one with immune diffinciency, via ms and Chrome. Should they get it?! Because thyre high risk. Should I? No! Because they're high risk and I'm low and can overcome it naturally. Which is the best defense.

    matthew plubellmatthew plubell13 päivää sitten
  • Seriously, he's a dude with an opinion. And we as Americans are subjugated to weigh in on the topic on our own accord as we as a nation are a collective of individuals? Personal responsibility is a thing just like common sense. Fucking mob rule usefull idiots driving narrative. Vitamin D E magnesium and zinc.....such harrassy.

    matthew plubellmatthew plubell13 päivää sitten
  • It sucks that Rogan already walked back his statements. He's shilling for the vaccine now

    Nick CorvelloNick Corvello14 päivää sitten
  • I will never get the shot if it works lift the mask bullshit the shot is shit

    Tantrum122473Tantrum12247314 päivää sitten
  • COVID 1984 is a scam

    LibertarianLibertarian14 päivää sitten
  • Didn't America also have the 2009 Swine Flu scare? Did they just forget how staged that was and that the ones behind it are exactly the same people behind CV19 10 years later? Watch the Documentary trustWHO on Prime.

    The DownlinerThe Downliner14 päivää sitten
  • So EVERYONE are Losing their jobs but NO ONE IS ALOUD TO SAY COVID 19 FUCK THAT

    Zoey JacksonZoey Jackson14 päivää sitten
  • it seems that immune systems and common sense health are far right now.... but honestly, if you've seen what welfare leeches buy with food stamps you'd realize this isn't a joke.

    Blake PainterBlake Painter14 päivää sitten
  • "Joe Rogan did an oopsie" yep.. going to spotify

    hardleecurehardleecure14 päivää sitten
  • It takes a bare minimum of 3 years to properly test a vaccine. And these "mrna" vaccines are not even the conventional kind of vaccines. They're brand new. let that jab into your brain.

    JOSEPHJOSEPH14 päivää sitten
  • You can't say vaccines on FIstart?

    itay shmuelovitay shmuelov15 päivää sitten
  • "Free speech sucks." -Social Media

    abs olutmanabs olutman15 päivää sitten
  • And I'm not getting a vaccs and a passport if I havnt even gotten sick yet. They can go F themselves.

    Mister KazamaMister Kazama15 päivää sitten
  • Covid is not a huge risk. And just because covid is here, that doesn't mean all other deaths have stopped. It's ridiculous.

    Mister KazamaMister Kazama15 päivää sitten
  • The world is suffering from a mass psychosis.

    Human CommodityHuman Commodity15 päivää sitten
  • Not a hot take

    erik robinsonerik robinson15 päivää sitten
  • The Lancet and NYT both reported this week that if you recover from COVID, you'll be protected for years if not forever against reinfection. One and done. Meanwhile, my co-workers that got the jab are told they'll need it again in 4-6 months. What a joke!

    Vincent Loparo IIIVincent Loparo III15 päivää sitten
  • I find it funny that dr Fauci thinks he’s a gun expert now… he’s no expert on being a doctor… Fauci is a fraud..

    Kevin DavisKevin Davis15 päivää sitten
  • i understand why he said it and yeah i would tend to agree if there wasn't god damn variants out there now that are killing young people, here in canda we just had a 13 year old die of covid from the uk variant if i recall correctly.

    Shannon GiassonShannon Giasson15 päivää sitten
  • Who does Joe Rogan think he is giving COVID advice, Doctor Bill Gates? Sheesh! Oh and a Vaccine ID card is okay, but an ID for voting is racist. Weird.

    Whatelse73Whatelse7316 päivää sitten
  • Anytime there is a PUSH to make you do something out of the normal- there is a reason you're not being told about. Vac passport? Can't work, get loans or what if you don't get the poke- screw that! Will not be getting it.

    TKE-WarEagle Elite DangerousTKE-WarEagle Elite Dangerous16 päivää sitten
  • It's a really hard push with peer/social pressure and denial of freedom.

    TheBadFredTheBadFred16 päivää sitten
  • These jabs are going to be the biggest medical disaster in history. If I was 90 I still wouldn't take it.

    mwoz87mwoz8716 päivää sitten
    • Spanish Flu and the Bubonic Plague

      Alec CampbellAlec Campbell13 päivää sitten
  • Why is the left so absolutely stupid about all the things that really matter ?

    Mike MooreMike Moore16 päivää sitten
  • He wants out man. He sold out and is having second thoughts. If he wants to stand for free speech, guess what? Gotta make sacrifices and that includes going and finding new money and outlets for his brand of entertainment and ideas.

    Dan DragolichDan Dragolich16 päivää sitten
  • What Dave Smith said on this podcast was spot on, “I’m not injecting my kids with something, just to virtue signal”!!

    AlmostLastJediAlmostLastJedi16 päivää sitten
  • Being a guy who grew up without a cell phone or a computer the virtue signalling of most topics in the media is quite nauseating.....this is not healthy......

    Tony CannelloniTony Cannelloni16 päivää sitten
  • I'm happy there's still people like Rogan, willing to risk his shit for his opinions. There's not many left.

    julien giulianojulien giuliano16 päivää sitten
  • Bill Gates is *not even a nurse* yet what he says is taken as the absolute truth *ABOVE ACTUAL DOCTORS, VIROLOGISTS AND OTHER EXPERTS* . That tells you everything you need to know

    Carl MannerheimCarl Mannerheim16 päivää sitten
  • The only vaccine that requires every pleb to have it, or it doesn't work

    mushymushy16 päivää sitten
  • "Church of the poke" is the best line ever right before "with priest Fouchi" omg haha 😄

    ShiftyRightNowShiftyRightNow16 päivää sitten
  • Quebec is still on total lockdown. They have been for a month

    Will HWill H16 päivää sitten
  • Also Joe has said on many occasions that he thinks the Vaccine is a waste of time for anyone he thinks are "healthy". Joe thinks only the elderly or those with underlying health issues should get it and everyone else should build immunity through antibodies. I watch his podcast regularly. Joe is not a microbiologist, he is no health professional. He is taking statistics that match his argument and using them with some caution. Honestly he should just stop talking about the subject entirely.

    Collin AlexanderCollin Alexander16 päivää sitten
  • Lets put it this way, just because he has the right to share his opinion doesn't make his opinion a smart one or a healthy one. If someone that had stature like Joe Rogan downplayed the effectiveness of the Polio Vaccine or any sort of Vaccine you have to take before being allowed into public school, then half our country would have died before they hit 20. He has access to unbelievable amounts of resources that 99% of the world doesn't have access to and he is talking about what the average person should do. Im sorry but Joe should follow his own advise and stay in his lane.

    Collin AlexanderCollin Alexander16 päivää sitten
  • Church of the poke...sounds kinda dirty...

    Daniel PattersonDaniel Patterson16 päivää sitten
  • That’s not even controversial. That’s exactly how it’s rolling out here in Canada and nobody (who isn’t already anti-vax) is making a big deal about. They started with the 85+ crowd and have been working backwards by five years with each round. (Some exceptions exist for people who meet specific criteria)

    Blank Space ProvidedBlank Space Provided16 päivää sitten
  • You should wear a mask and vaccinate not only for your own sake. It's to protect others that are not young and healthy anymore. Because you can transmit the disease to other people. So the question is basically - do you care for lives of other people around you. And read what's "herd immunity" means. It's not the basic freedom question, it's population survival issue.

    AnastasiaAnastasia16 päivää sitten
  • It's SOOOOO obvious that young healthy people should NOT get a COVID vaccine it's just ridiculous. As a demographic they are at extremely low risk from COVID whereas the risks from these experimental vaccines cannot be properly assessed until at least 2023 when the safety trials actually end. Idiots insisting on blanket vaccination are a danger to society and should be treated as such.

    basemikkobasemikko16 päivää sitten
  • Most people under 30 should not get the vaccine. Women who are pregnant or are planning on getting pregnant should ABSOLUTELY NOT get any of the vaccines. And yes, this is medical advice.

    Dr Matt BarnesDr Matt Barnes16 päivää sitten
  • I’m 22 and I’d say the same thing that Rogan did. I personally believe that the vaccine poses a bigger potential risk for me than the virus, simply because we know more about the virus’s effects than we do about the vaccine’s, and the virus poses almost no risk for me

    KaizerKaizer16 päivää sitten
  • Let’s just all agree to do whatever Jenny McCarthy tells us to do.

    Steve SimsSteve Sims16 päivää sitten
  • Nobody should be getting the shot. Joe is right, but he needs to take it further.

    James CampbellJames Campbell16 päivää sitten
    • It absolutely ISN'T safe.

      James CampbellJames Campbell16 päivää sitten
  • Doctors have been political for a long time. Started around about the time it was suggested medical doctors ask their patients if they owned firearms...

    godsbadkarmagodsbadkarma16 päivää sitten
  • He didn’t make an oopsie he told the truth. Healthy people don’t need to worry about the vid.

    Jason SykesJason Sykes16 päivää sitten
  • Branch Covidians praying to the alter of their God Fauci in the Church of the Wokey Pokey

    Tinman88Tinman8816 päivää sitten
  • Joe Rogan got irrelevant with moving to Spotify. Time for something to get him back in the news.

    MorgusMorgus16 päivää sitten
  • Problem is he ( and many others) forget that covid-19 is contagious and even if young healthy people will probably be fine they will transfer covid-19 to others that are not young and healthy.

    warlock_smwarlock_sm16 päivää sitten
  • Doctors are idiots. House md. Always get a second opinion doctors make big mistakes that cost lives. Don't trust anyone

    Alex OlaveAlex Olave16 päivää sitten
  • the only problem with these doctors is they'll get incentive for the more people they get vaccinated, they could care less if it works or not but they'll defiantly take gov benefits

    Captain_EgretCaptain_Egret16 päivää sitten
  • twitter is gay

    G3M1N1J0K3RG3M1N1J0K3R16 päivää sitten
  • I love subscribing to your channel when you beg us to and then usually when I get too many videos in my feed from you and they're boring I just unsubscribe and then rinse and repeat

    Detested JunglistDetested Junglist16 päivää sitten
  • Taking the "poke" reduces the fatalities of those who are in a high risk group. It as simple as that.

    Jussi KetonenJussi Ketonen16 päivää sitten
  • Just have the unvaccinated wear yellow stars.

    Jeffery HarperJeffery Harper16 päivää sitten
  • At the gym 6 days a week and catching covid didn't do jack to me. Mom got vaccinated and had a bad reaction. Gee I wonder what I'll do when it gets offered to me?

    VCRAGEVCRAGE16 päivää sitten
  • Mr Milton Friedman was probably right " Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program"

    lololo lalalalololo lalala16 päivää sitten
  • Gee pretty dishonest by Quartering on 2 fronts. #1 Rogan said he would tell young healthy people not to get the vaccination. Its literally what he said, I don't even know why you are playing this weird semantics game. #2 the thing isn't that not only does the vaccine reduce your personal risk of infection but it's that healthy people can be infected and asymptomatic and then pass covid on to grandma and kill her. I don't know why you didn't even talk about this being the principle criticism of Joe Rogan.

    Brady DawBrady Daw16 päivää sitten
  • looks like selling out to missive corporations has its draw backs huh joe?

    Jonathan RamirezJonathan Ramirez17 päivää sitten

    Colin LyonColin Lyon17 päivää sitten
  • Stupid thing to say though. Being a contrarian doesn't mean you have to be an idiot.

    Paul HicksPaul Hicks17 päivää sitten
  • What I hate about pro vaccers is , they have no logic at all . They just get offended .and somehow that’s logic cause someone’s feelings came into play ? It’s becoming crazy that before COVID , healthy people were told not to get vaccines due to there are unhealthy people in need of it . They wanna save lives but take from the unhealthy? Spoiled Americans freaking out about a virus is all I’ve seen the past year and politics fueling it for power .

    Saint GremySaint Gremy17 päivää sitten
  • I miss Joe Rogan on FIstart (Spotify is not my thing). It will be interesting to see if Spotify pulls the vid...censorship is the name of the game when you are bought and paid for. Just my 2 cents and humble opinion.

    TheRealCobraBurnoutTheRealCobraBurnout17 päivää sitten
  • Some schools/universities are mandating vaccines to come back to campus.

    That Guy JoeThat Guy Joe17 päivää sitten
  • Hey Quartering, hey Joe. I have a grandma who was asymptomatically infected by COVID-19 and my cousin's family was I guess regularly infected. He said the worst part was losing his sense of taste and smell. I said "fuck that" and got myself the vaccine. I'm not telling anyone else what to do at all, this is just reportage of my situation. If people think this is influencing, then let's say I donate to a certain charity. Are people then going to donate to that charity too just because I said I did it without it being advice?

    Pound ver MagnusonPound ver Magnuson17 päivää sitten
  • 99.99% - 94.6% survival rate... I’ll pass on the experimental shot that’s only been approved on an emergency basis because it’s been so dangerous to the animals they’ve tested it on for the last decade. It’s not a vaccine by definition and shame on anyone who tries to guilt people into accepting this medical tyranny.

    Phantasy KingpinPhantasy Kingpin17 päivää sitten
  • Why take a vaccine that isn't a 100% that wasn't fully tested why are people so butthurt about other people's choices grow up.

    Rusty ShacklefordRusty Shackleford17 päivää sitten
  • Thanks for the channel. I am from the Far East. I think som of our folks listen to your rhetoric. Now we are all dying of COVID. Thanks again once more.

    Dark HeiDark Hei17 päivää sitten
  • Meanwhile in Britain the NHS and Public Health England say you shouldn't get the vaccine if you're under 40.

    WJSWJS17 päivää sitten
  • If you're not a Doctor the best health advice you can give is "Consult your Doctor."

    Amano_SAmano_S17 päivää sitten
  • Quartering: Twitter loses it's ever lovin' minds... Me: Can't lose what you never had.

    Magnus LudicarumMagnus Ludicarum17 päivää sitten
  • Come force the poke on me, ill send thru yr eye.

    Game TingzGame Tingz17 päivää sitten
  • To be honest. He didn't say anything wrong. For me the whole thing is though, to do anything, or go anywhere you're going to need the vaccine. So young people are going to need to get it too. Sure let older and more susceptible people get it first. But, if there is "no line" I'm just gonna get it as I am in a couple days. I'm young an healthy, but no matter what I'd have to get it anyway.

    MikeProductions1000MikeProductions100017 päivää sitten